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Day of Wellbeing: Meal Prep

One of the greatest tools in your health toolbox, meal prepping! Join us as we walk through the process of meal planning, prepping and executing healthy, delicious food. We will…

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Day of Wellbeing: Sleep

Sleep, the health behavior that starts and ends each day. Better sleep equals better health, so let's come up with a plan to help you achieve a better night of sleep to support…

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Day of Wellbeing: Work/Life Balance

Balancing the demands of work and home life can be tricky! Let's talk about some "tried and true" strategies to help you organize your day so work and home life have…

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Day of Wellbeing: Healthy Habits

Believe it or not even the smallest changes in your daily routine can lead to tremendous changes! Learn about some healthy habits and hacks to get you started on the path to reach your…

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Working Well: Let's Talk! Communicating Well

Working Well Series: Let’s Talk! Communicating Well – Effective communication can be a challenge especially while working remotely. In this session, Nancy Koller of Employee Health and…

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Sustainability Series: Reduce and Recycle

Reduce & Recycle With UD’s Sustainability Expert, Michelle Bennett.

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Working Well: Prioritizing Yourself with Self-Care

Working Well Session 7: What is Putting Yourself First with Self-Care? In the seventh session of Working Well (November 4th, 2pm – 2:30pm), Chelsea Finch, Fitness Coordinator of Employee Health…

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Sustainability Series: Home Gardening, Composting and Pollinators with Gail Hermenau and Deborah Delaney

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Working Well: Boundary Setting

Even though personal boundaries can be challenging to navigate, setting and communicating them is essential for our health, well-being, and even our safety. In this session, Laura Gimbutas, Wellbeing…

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Working Well: Using Mindfulness and Movement to Regain Focus and Reduce Stress

Relax and re-focus though light movement, breathing and meditative techniques, led by Employee Health and Wellbeings’ Nutrition Outreach Coordinator and Yoga Instructor, Jen Muzzi.

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Sustainability Series #5: Eating Plants & Sustainability

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Working Well: Working Well From Home

The last few months have blended work and home in a way many of us have never experienced. Together, we will learn ways to work effectively as individuals, but also to create high performing remote…

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Sustainability Series: Living Sustainably

Develop a broader understanding of how the choices we make to care for our planet are also steps to care for ourselves by participating in our first workshop to our Sustainable Wellbeing Series:…

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Working Well: What is Working Well?

In the first session of Working Well, Beth Finkle, Director Employee Health and Wellbeing, will discuss the layers of Working Well; how individual wellbeing elevates organizational impact; and…

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Working Well: Breaking Down Stress

In this session of Working Well, Laura Gimbutas, Wellbeing Coordinator of Employee Health and Wellbeing will discuss the pros and cons of the human stress response; help you identify how stress shows…

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Fall Program Overview

Meet the Employee Health and Wellbeing team and learn about the Fall 2020 Program offerings .

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