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The Cross and the Body in Early Medieval England, Rachael Vause

Adornment has often been considered little more than frivolous baubles resting on the surface of the profound and more essential human. Though designed to complement the body, jewelry pieces are…

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The Increasing Returns to Power -- A Theory On Political Capture , James Korman

What happens when key institutions of the state become ‘captured’ by corporate and business interests and how exactly does this occur? That is the principal question this research seeks…

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WE Hatch Feb 11th 2021

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Boat problem HW 4.5, Math 221 Winter 2021

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The chain rule I, 3.3; Math 221 Winter 2021

The chain rule of differentiation

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Basic rules of differentiation - 3.1, Math 221 Winter 2021

Derivative of sum/difference of functions. Derivative of x^n.

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We Hatch Professional Workshop #1 Nov 13 2020

We Hatch Professional Workshop #1

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First order linear systems of ODEs - II

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