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Finite-Rank Perturbation Theory and Applications, Michael Bush

Perturbation theory deals with tracking how the properties of a mathematical object evolve as input parameters are varied. The main usage of the tools of perturbation theory in application is to…

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Optimal Coding in Compressive Spectral Imagers, Edgar Salazar

The spatial spectral compressive spectral imager (SSCSI) is a proposed optical architecture, where the spatial-spectral coding of a scene is realized by a binary ON-OFF mask and a dispersive element.…

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Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome – Ask Me Anything Career Expert Panel Date: Friday, March 26 Time: 12pm-1pm ET Description: Ask our Experts anything about imposter syndrome including how to…

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Managing Well: Adding Wellbeing To Your Manager Toolbox

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live lecture 3/1/2021: identifying ceramic bodies (and a little bit about their long, interconnected histories) - Part II

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deterioration of glass and ceramics

This lecture touches on compositional instabilities, manufacture flaws, and environmental/human impact modes of deterioration found in glass and ceramic objects. Accompanying videos: Corning Museum…

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technology and manufacture of ceramics

Inorganic block lecture discussing ceramic-making from clay processing and forming to firing and decorating. Accompanying videos: 1. Getty Museum. 2010. "Making Greek Vases." YouTube.…

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The Power of the Arts to Educate, Heal and Facilitate Meaningful Conversations

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Town Hall November 9, 2020

A town hall hosted on November 9, 2020, provides important updates for the UD research community, from campus operations to grants administration, and ways you can help our local community at this…

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Boundary chart for an open set

Elliptic BVPs

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Sodium in

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Nylon Rope

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Kinetics-Zinc in

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Lecture from Aug 11, 2010

Recorded via UD Capture in Brown 101

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