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VI.6 Stability and phase plane

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VI. 5 Constant-coefficient systems

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Balanced Wellbeing

In this workshop, one of our staff members discusses how to develop the skills necessary to support balanced wellbeing.

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I.12 Complex numbers

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The definite integral III, 6.3, Math 221 Winter 2021

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Derivation of Euler-Lagrange equation : Integral constraints

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Things Changed

Nancy Karibjanian, director of the University of Delaware's Center for Political Communication, shares her thoughts about life during a pandemic. Nancy submitted this message for the Voices of…

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The adjoint BVP I

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Math 305 2020/04/14

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Electrical and Computer Engineering — College of Engineering

Take a virtual tour of Electrical and Computer Engineering facilities in the College of Engineering at UD. Learn more about what to expect as a student admitted to these majors.

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Lecture from Jul 13, 2010

Recorded via UD Capture in Brown 101

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0 Introduction to the Student Shop.mp4

UD Capture Recording

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