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Cancer Group

Zoom Recording ID: 94401368266 UUID: pexwq0V0RHOih1g68aC2/g== Meeting Time: 2021-08-09 09:29:06pm

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22W Hawaii LEAD - micro

Learn about the Winter 2022 Leadership micro study abroad program in Hawaii from UD Faculty Director Karen Stein. NOTE: Since this video was published, the program deadline has been moved to June 1,…

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Building Resilience Through Leveraging Purpose, Emotional Wellbeing, and Community with Dr.Vic Strecher

We can all benefit from improving our emotional wellbeing including emotional intelligence, as individuals and within communities. Being aware that our emotions drive our behavior and recognizing the…

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VII.5 Direction fields

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Managing Well: Transparent Leadership Get Results

High performing teams all have one thing in common: they trust one another. Leading with transparency creates an incredible culture of trust among a team. When teams trust the manager, they tend to…

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V.1-2 Laplace for 2nd order problems

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NHRT in practice: reproducing Correll 2018

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I.1-2: Linearity

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inorganic block podcast: significance and bias

One of the first tasks when caring for objects is to examine, research, and document. What is an appropriate ethical framework for doing this? How do we think about the objects in our care, where do…

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Effective Connections and Networking

Description: In this highly interactive workshop, participants will be provided with opportunities to learn more about several models and tools as well as an action plan development process…

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Choices: Episode 1 - Academic Planning for Major Decisions

Welcome to Choices: a University Studies Podcast! In this first episode, UST advisors Tyler and Sylvia discuss stages of major/career decision-making, PathwayU, and examples from their own…

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Section 2.5

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Section 2.1

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Andy Novocin's Personal Meeting Room

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Video Created by UD Capture Classroom Recording in Ewing 209 on 2020-03-04 10:10:00.

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Recording from Oct 27, 2016

Recorded via UD Capture in Smith 120

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