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Research from UD's Harsh Bais, Kali Kniel and Noah Totsline on a NASA-sponsored project looking at how plants grown in space are more prone to infections of Salmonella compared to plants not…

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Timelapse: The spot on the right is UD1022; the spot in the center is the fungus. This timelapse shows the fungus C. jacksonii (center). As it begins to grow closer to UD1022(right) it experiences…

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Autumn stopover hotspots and multiscale habitat associations of migratory landbirds in the eastern United States

Understanding the en route habitat requirements of migratory birds is critical for conservation but difficult to know at a large scale. Researchers including University of Delaware Professor Jeff…

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Alon Hafri Symmetrical Meaning

In his research, Prof. Alon Hafri presents images of shapes that are symmetric and non-symmetric and asks people to choose from a set of words the one that best describes them.

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Intertial confinement fusion

Research by University of Delaware College of Engineering's Arijit Bose. A powerful external magnetic field can transform both the heat flow and the shape of the implosion associated with…

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UD’s Velia Fowler, professor and chair of the Department of Biological Sciences, has been researching a blood disorder called MYH9, which impedes the typical clotting process.

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A short showing the resolution increase in soil moisture monitoring using new technologies.

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