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A conversation about global citizenship

Panel discussion: What does it mean to be a global citizen in turbulent times? Facilitator: Dr. Eva Alfoldi

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Mental Wellbeing Booster: Cultivating Self-compassion

Self-compassion – regarding ourselves kindly as we would think about a friend — has been shown to increase resilience to stress, buffer burnout, and minimize symptoms of stress and…

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Chap Tyler Roundtable April 2021

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Super Selling: Transition from Individual Contributor to People Leader April 16, 2021

How to make the transition from individual contributor to people leader?James E. M. LaCour, Sherwin-Williams

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VII.3 Separable equations

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VII.4 Logistic equation

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VI.7 Matrix exponential

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Subsurface Eddy Facilitates Retention of Diel Vertical Migrators in a Biological Hotspot, Katherine Hudson

Diel vertical migration (DVM) is a common behavior in zooplankton populations world-wide. Every day, zooplankton leave the productive surface ocean and migrate to much deeper and darker waters to…

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VI. 5 Constant-coefficient systems

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VI.4 Homogeneous solutions

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IV.7 Method of undetermined coefficients

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IV.6 Free oscillators

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IV.5 Pure oscillation

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Blue Hen Wellbeing Community Podcast S2:E2

In this podcast, listen to a great interview conducted with Dr. Brittani Hudson, as we talk about physicalhealth and wellness, why they are so important in our lives, and how they are intertwined…

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NHRT in practice: reproducing Correll 2018

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Finding Creative Commons Music

This videos covers how to find, download and provide attribution for a Creative Commons licensed song from Free Music Archive.

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