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BUAD 110 Alumni Videos Scott Sherin - Financial Analyst

Graduation Year: 2020 Majors: Entrepreneurship and Finance Current Employer: Reckitt Current Position: Financial Analyst

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The Honorable J. Travis Laster, Vice Chancellor of the Delaware Court of Chancery, 2021 John L. Weinberg Distinguished Speaker - 5/12/2021

The John L. Weinberg Distinguished Speaker series was begun by the Center as part of the Center’s initiative to highlight a prominent speaker who focuses on current and relevant corporate…

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Conversation with Brad Wolgast from UD Center for counseling and student development

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A dynamic interbank network with an application to interbank interest rate, Haici Zhang

We propose a Bayesian dynamic interbank network model where three mechanisms control the likelihood of a trade between two banks: (i) a time-series interbank activity index that expresses overall…

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VI.7 Matrix exponential

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How Corporate Boards Can Effectively Oversee ESG Issues -4/20/2021

ESG issues are increasingly taking center stage in the boardroom and with investors. The Weinberg Center and the Ceres Accelerator for Sustainable Capital Markets co-hosted a webinar roundtable…

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Advancing the call for gender-responsive recovery housing: A data-driven discussion of treatment challenges facing women in Delaware, USA sober living homes , Ginnie Sawyer-Morris

Background Substance-free recovery housing has emerged as a promising long-term treatment modality for substance use disorder; and while gender has proven an important predictive factor in other…

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VI. 5 Constant-coefficient systems

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V.3 Steps and impulses at 2nd order

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V.1-2 Laplace for 2nd order problems

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IV.7 Method of undetermined coefficients

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Weinberg Center Corporate Governance Roundtable 3/23/2021

In the Roundtable portion of the Symposium, the participants will discuss 2021’s most challenging governance and ESG issues. These topics include board effectiveness, diversity and inclusion,…

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III.5 Laplace solution of IVPs

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What I Love About My Major — Accounting

In this video, University of Delaware students majoring in accounting share their favorite things about their major. UD Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics students Kathleen Murphy, Ruben…

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Pop-Up Demonstrations and Rethinking Activity-Friendly Outdoor Spaces in Delaware

Pop-up demonstrations use short-term, low-cost, and scalable interventions to catalyze long-term change for safer streets and healthier, more vibrant communities. Participants will learn about:Key…

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The Power of the Arts to Educate, Heal and Facilitate Meaningful Conversations

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