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Roisin Daly - When Will It Be Enough

In "When Will It Be Enough," University of Delaware student Roisin Daly describes how she channeled her fear of becoming another victim of gun violence into a passion for advocacy. Roisin…

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Gianni Dollard - I Broke the Cycle

In "I Broke the Cycle," Gianni Dollard, a University of Delaware sophomore majoring in entrepreneurship, explores her path to becoming a strong Black woman. Gianni submitted her message…

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Stella Galli - More Than Just My Student Debt

In "More Than Just My Student Debt," University of Delaware student Stella Galli explains why her student loans fuel her ambition to succeed. Stella is a senior majoring in communication…

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Marisa Harczuk - Blue Lights

In "Blue Lights Through Rose-Colored Glasses," University of Delaware student Marisa Harczuk calls for meaningful change on campus to stop sexual violence. Marisa is a senior majoring in…

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Melanie Markowitz - My Great Grandma's Story

In "My Great Grandma's Story," University of Delaware senior Melanie Markowitz honors the memory of her beloved grandmother, a survivor of the Holocaust. Melanie graduated in December…

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Konner Metz - Humans Over Numbers

In "Humans Over Numbers," University of Delaware student Konner Metz considered the impact of assigning a number to a person's worth. Konner is a junior majoring in communication with…

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Reflecting America

CPC National Agenda 2021

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We Are The People

We Are The People - National Agenda 2020

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What is the National Agenda Experience?

University of Delaware alumni and former National Agenda students share their thoughts.

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An interview with former National Agenda student Sarah Fritz

University of Delaware alumna Sarah Fritz (AS18) discussed how National Agenda sparked her passion in politics during her years as an undergraduate student and beyond. Laura Matusheski, a UD junior…

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National Agenda 2016, Oct. 5: D. Watkins, Salon Editor-at-Large, Professor and Author

The 6th annual National Agenda program, themed "Road to the Presidency," continued with author and professor, D. Watkins. Watkins is Editor-at-Large for Salon and has been published in the…

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National Agenda Reunion with Steve Schmidt

At a virtual happy hour on Zoom, National Agenda Director Lindsay Hoffman, Ph.D., welcomed University of Delaware alumnus Steve Schmidt (AS13), a past guest speaker of UD's National Agenda…

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