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Course Welcome & Module 1 Overview

This video provides a welcome to the ITS course and a quick overview of the course and module 1.

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I.12 Complex numbers

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Take Your Canvas Course to the Next Level

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Using the ATS Canvas Template

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Import orientation module

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TDX Project Overview

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Canvas Pages and Modules

Come see how creating Pages can assist in communicating the context of your lectures. Modules can help you structure how you present your content, assignments, and other tasks to your students. …

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Canvas My Media and Media Gallery

Learn ways to share your video content in your course, including how to embed your video into a Page in Canvas.

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Capital Budgeting (CCHS)

This video provides an introduction to concepts that will help you better understand the use of capital budgeting.

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Finance 2 Measuring Performance CCHS.mp4

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Financial Analysis: Dell

In this video, John Stocker examines Dell's income statement over a 10-year period and discusses Dell's financial statement analysis.

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Overview: Finance

John Stocker introduces the topic of finance and the two main concepts of financial statement analysis and capital budgeting.

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