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Accessible Course Design

Accessibility is often overlooked but is extremely important in your course design. This session will help you learn easy (and quick) skills to make your online course more accessible for all…

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Introduction to Gradescope

The Gradescope pilot is available to all instructors for the 2023-2024 academic year to make grading of paper-based assignments, such as homework, quizzes, and exams, more efficient. The student or…

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Canvas Gradebook

Still trying to understand how assignments, grades, and weighting all work together to calculate final grades? Come learn how to configure a grading scheme for your course so that Canvas can do the…

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FeedbackFruits - Workshop 3 - Moderating a Live Assignment

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about moderating a FeedbackFruits assignment while students are interacting with it!

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Asking the experts about what post-law school life is like.

Tiktok by @earthtojul describing why asking those who have gone to law school what it is like and what their life is like after as a means of confirming your interest.

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5 Reason to Not Go to Law School

TikTok from @jordanismylawyer detailing 5 reasons that may not be the best motivation for going to law school.

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Law School Timeline tiktok

A Tiktok by @livinglikejade describing the timeline to apply to law school with tips along the way.

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ResumeWorded Resume Upload

A demonstration on uploading a resume to ResumeWorded's review tool.

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Uploading a Resume to BigInterview

A demonstration on how to navigate the BigInterview resume review tool.

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FeedbackFruits - Workshop 2 - Settings & Configurations

Have you decided FeedbackFruits would be a good fit for your course and want to explore assignment configurations and settings? Join us in this hands-on session as we get you started using…

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Using the IT-ATS Canvas Template

A quick overview of UDIT's ATS Canvas Templates - why they exist, where to find them, and how to use them! Facilitated by Jessica Schroeder, Instructional Designer in IT Academic Technology…

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Sharing Videos with Combined Sections

FERPA regulations and guidelines concerning combined sections and sharing recordings can be a big issue if you have combined sections that meet for class at separate times. To share videos with only…

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UD Capture Editing - Part 1

This video is an overview of the tools and features of the editing application in Canvas. The video includes how to navigate to the editing application, and overview of tools and features, and…

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Poll Everywhere: Canvas Integration

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Intro to Labster

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Library Integrations with Canvas

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