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Before You Arrive Webinar 9 - Pre-Arrival Information Session

In this webinar we share information with new international students about preparing your immigration documents for entry, packing tips, and preparing for international student orientation.

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Before you Arrive Webinar 8 - Living in the U.S.

Learn about getting around Newark, grocery shopping, and more.

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Before You Arrive Webinar 7 - Managing Your Finances

In this pre-recorded webinar, new international students will receive information about opening a bank account, creating a budget, and tips on managing your finances.

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Before You Arrive Webinar 6 - Academics in the U.S. for Undergraduate Students

In this webinar for new international undergraduate students we discuss campus resources for academic success and tips to prepare for engaging in the U.S. classroom.

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Before You Arrive Webinar 5 - Social Security Number (SSN)

Get an introduction to what a Social Security Number (SSN) is, understanding how it’s used, when it is required, and a preview of how to apply for it and when. Social Security Number webinar…

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Before You Arrive Webinar 4 - Housing for Graduate Students

In this webinar we discuss where to start your search for finding off-campus housing and resources for your search, and get tips from current fellow international students.

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Before You Arrive Webinar 2 - Healthcare

Get an introduction to U.S. healthcare concepts, introducing Student Health Services at UD, other local healthcare providers and how to access them.

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Before You Arrive Webinar 3 - Health insurance

Get an introduction to the basics of health insurance in the U.S., why it’s important to have good health insurance, and understanding the University health insurance plan.

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Tyler Lecture: Jeffrey Kleintop '93, , CFA®, Managing Director, Chief Global Investment Strategist

Topic: Global Market Outlook As Managing Director and Chief Global Investment Strategist at Charles Schwab, Jeffrey is responsible for analyzing and discussing international markets, trends, and…

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Government check in video May 2022

Students from the English Language Institute will learn the process of completing government check in in this video tutorial.

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International Student Orientation

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SMSP Fall 2021 Colloquia Speaker Series - Dr. Bruno Nkuiya

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Post Graduation Immigration Options with Klasko Law

For international students beginning to think about life after graduation from the University of Delaware: Klasko attorneys provide a general overview of the current H-1B and Permanent Residency…

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Chinese Environmental Policy: Domestic Legitimacy and Narratives, Thomas Benson

It is commonly claimed that China’s domestic legitimacy derives primarily from the maintenance and pursuit of economic growth and, arguably, Chinese nationalism. Given the current international…

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Exposing Regional Disunity: The Case of Cambodia in the South China Sea Conflict, Kathrin Reed

Despite being a small state in Southeast Asia, Cambodia occupies a central role in the international relations of the region. Conventionally, Cambodia’s foreign policy is explained as…

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The Increasing Returns to Power -- A Theory On Political Capture , James Korman

What happens when key institutions of the state become ‘captured’ by corporate and business interests and how exactly does this occur? That is the principal question this research seeks…

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