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Clip of Nutrition Information Session

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Clip of HBSP Student Panel

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SMSP Spring 2022 Colloquia Speaker Series - Dr. Sheila M. Olmstead

Zoom Recording ID: 93628881158 Meeting Time: 2022-03-25

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Lerner Virtual Visit 3.23.2022

Lerner Virtual Visit - Accounting, Management Information Systems and Business Analytics

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BUAD 110 Alumni Videos Brad Bacci -Internal Audit and Financial Advisory Solution Consultant

Graduation Year: 2021Majors: Accounting and Management Information SystemsCurrent Position: Internal Audit and Financial Advisory Solution ConsultantCurrent Company: Protiviti

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Fitness Information Session

The Departments of Employee Health and Wellbeing and Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreation Services are coming together to provide you the most pertinent and updated information regarding updated…

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Layer VQE: A Variational Approach for Combinatorial Optimization on Noisy Quantum Computers, Xiaoyuan Liu

Combinatorial optimization on near-term quantum devices is a promising path to demonstrating quantum advantage. However, the capabilities of these devices are constrained by high noise levels and…

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A Bifactor Approximation Algorithm for Cloudlet Placement in Edge Computing, Dixit Bhatta

Emerging applications with low-latency requirements such as real-time analytics, immersive media applications, and intelligent virtual assistants have rendered Edge Computing as a critical computing…

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1B: Color spectral images from a coded grayscale snapshot using their underlying network structure, Juan F. Florez-Ospina

Spectral images (SIs) are a collection of images, where each image captures the scene of interest illuminated by light of a different color. Over the years, SIs have become a great asset in advancing…

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Business Analytics & Information Management Government Student Association

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Business Analytics and Information Management - Lerner Graduate Student Orientation

Join department chair Andrea Everard to learn how to start your graduate work on the right foot!

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Analyzing Source Perspective - English 110

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Quick Review: Using Databases for English 110 Research (Short Version)

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Exploring Your Research Topic - English 110

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Graduate Internship Program Orientation-20190222

Graduate Internship Program Orientation Delivered February 22, 2019 Facilitated by Sarah Baker Andrus

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Video Created by UD Capture Classroom Recording in Memorial 110 on 2019-02-27 10:10:00.

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