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2023 Paul R. Jones Distinguished Lecture: John O. Perpener III

The Paul R. Jones Annual Lecture honors Paul R. Jones and his gift of African American art to the University of Delaware. Sponsored by the College of Arts and Sciences, the Annual Lecture underscores…

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Breaking the Bonds of Inequality: Black Political Mobilization and Financial Activism in 20th Century America

THE DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY PRESENTS: A SPEAKS-WARNOCK LECTUREIn this lecture, Dr. Destin Jenkins centers the history of bond financing and its imperatives to reveal the hidden strings that bind…

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On Critical Race Theory: Why it Matters & Why You Should Care

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Resurgence of Book Banning: The Impact on Libraries and Librarians

Join us to celebrate Free Speech Week with the American Library Association (ALA) President, Lessa Kanani'opua Pelayo-Lozada. She will discuss the record numbers of book challenges…

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Systemic Racism and Black Survival: A Black History Story

James M. JonesUniversity of DelawareThis inaugural lecture is grounded in Dr. Jones' training as a social psychologist and his decades of living as a Black man in America, along with a focus on…

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Self-Fashioning and the Black Portrait Tradition

Speaks-Warnock Symposium featuring artist Tokie Rome-Taylor, with panelists: Danielle Bing, Julie McGee, Curtis Small, TK Smith.

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UD OLLI Special Events Fridays 12-10-2021

Ray Callahan "Does History Have Lessons?" Part 2 of 2 "Munich: The Long Life of an Analogy"

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DSPS 2021 Lecture 20 - Neural Networks 1 - history and deep dreams

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Nora Carleson: Nationalism, Eugenics, and the Politics of American Fashion in the Progressive Era

The Progressive Era was a time of social, political, and cultural upheaval. Years of unprecedented immigration and industrialization, the end of Reconstruction and the formation of Jim Crow, growing…

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OLLI Special Events Fridays 9-17-2021

"Shrimp Tales: Small Bites of History" Beverly Bowers JenningsAuthor and Researcher

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Future of WECEC

Zoom Recording ID: 95883746039 UUID: uwThiyqBQMeT0dswFWPNrA== Meeting Time: 2021-08-26 04:55:30pm

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Choices: Episode 12 Extra - Meg's Career Story

Here is Meg's career story unedited (it was mostly edited out of the episode to save for time). It's a great story especially for those interested in history, museums, costuming, education,…

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Choices: Episode 12 - Interview with UD Alumni & Staff

In this episode, we interview UD alumni and staff members Meg Hutchins, Lukas Emory, and John Cogan. They each share with us their career journeys (Meg's was a bit long, so we are posting a…

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22S Copenhagen Global Health Internship - Spring Break

Learn about the Spring 2022 Health study abroad program in Copenhagen, Denmark from UD Faculty Director Amy Hagstrom.

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22W Paris, France BISC

Learn about the Winter 2022 Biology study abroad program in Paris, France from UD Faculty Director Christopher Trimby.

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The Politics of Beauty: The Aesthetic Origins of Environmental Politics in Postwar America, Kyle VanHemert

In the mid-1960s, influential Americans flocked to a hot new political issue: man-made ugliness. “Ugly America,” as critics called it at the time, comprised a diverse ensemble of visual…

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