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Unilateral, daily bouts of muscle loading leads to mineral and extracellular adaptation of the immature Achilles enthesis in mice, Elahe Ganji

The tendon-to-bone attachment (i.e., enthesis) translates force from tendon to bone. The enthesis matures during postnatal growth and is susceptible to overuse injuries. Increased activity during…

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Transcriptome of non-phototrophic Actinobacteria that display light-enhanced growth, Priscilla Hempel

Freshwater lakes play a critical role in the global carbon budget. Given that microbes are at the center of the carbon cycle in freshwater, understanding how their metabolic processes are affected by…

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Exponential models I 5.6, Math 221 Winter 2021

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Exponential models II Math 221 Winter 2021

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Jenay Valentine's Student Story

Jenay Valentine is a senior Organizational and Community Leadership major with a minor in Economics from Long Island, New York. Jenay shares her experiences both within her major and the clubs…

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Rebecca Kazenoff, a sophomore majoring in communication, shares her thoughts about life during a pandemic. Rebecca submitted this message for the Voices of UD project, hosted by UD's Center for…

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Math 305 2020/04/02

Portion of the zoom meeting before breakout rooms started.

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