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Paulina Martinetto Seminar

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The VERTEX field campaign: observations and physical mechanisms of near-ground effects of a wind turbine, Sicheng Wu

Wind turbines generate wakes, which can potentially influence the local microclimate near the ground. To verify and quantify such effects, the Vertical Enhanced Mixing (VERTEX) field campaign was…

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Seven People One Pandemic

Sarah Toth, a University of Delaware freshman majoring in cognitive science, shares her thoughts about life during a pandemic. Sarah submitted her message for the Voices of UD project, hosted by…

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Welcome to the Education Resource Center!

Welcome to the Education Resource Center! Viewers will learn about the resources and spaces offered by the Education Resource Center (ERC).

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Global Agenda_5-21-03_Tania Chacho

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Gaining Ground: A 3-Minute Preview

Preview video for FYS-supporting Gaining Ground: A Self-Guided Library and Museums Experience. Instructors and students will see an overview and gain insight for the steps they will take during this…

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