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Clapper and King Rail Population Genomics, Elisa Elizondo

The Clapper (Rallus crepitans)and King (Rallus elegans) rails are secretive marsh birds with declining populations. These species hybridize, but the extent and direction of introgression are unknown.…

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Genetic basis and identification of candidate genes for wooden breast and white striping in commercial broiler chickens, Juniper Lake

Wooden breast (WB) and white striping (WS) are highly prevalent and economically damaging muscle disorders of modern commercial broiler chickens characterized respectively by palpable firmness and…

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Vaccines & Variants

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2020 Nobel Symposium Part 1

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Chemistry Talk - Jeff Mugridge, Assistant Professor Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

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Physiology or Medicine Talk - Dr. Parcells, Professor, Molecular Virology

Physiology or Medicine TALK

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