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KCTO: Take Your Canvas Course to the Next Level (2 hour session)

Facilitated by Beth Cartwright, IT-ATS Interested in advanced Canvas topics? This workshop will build on the basic Canvas features and explore tools for collaboration and assessment in greater…

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KCTO: Organize Your Canvas Course with Modules

Facilitated by Beth Cartwright, IT-ATS Students want courses that are easy to navigate! Using Canvas Modules can help you organize your course – files, pages, assignments – by units,…

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Introduction to UNIX Shell On Caviness Day 2

Day 2 Topics:Wildcards & pipes: How can I run a command on multiple files at once? Is there an easy way of saving command's outputs? Scripts, variables, & loops: How do I turn a set…

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Introduction to UNIX Shell On Caviness Day 1

Day 1 Topics:What is the Caviness Cluster and why should you use it: What is the Caviness Cluster and who can use it? What can I expect to learn from this course? Connecting to the Caviness Cluser: …

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Canvas Pages and Modules

Come see how creating Pages can assist in communicating the context of your lectures. Modules can help you structure how you present your content, assignments, and other tasks to your students.

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Course Continuity for IT Pros

ATS workshop on Canvas, UD Capture, and Zoom

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Using Canvas (Essentials) for Course Continuity

The Using Canvas Essentials for Course Continuity workshop covers, New to Canvas? Request a Canvas course, Intro to Canvas, What are modules, Assignments. Session recorded on March 11, 2020 in the…

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Video Created by UD Capture Classroom Recording in Ewing 209 on 2020-02-26 10:10:00.

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UD Capture Space: Sharing Media Files

How do I share my media and video files? Watch this quick overview on selecting your media to sharing with others.

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