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How to Create A Participant Profile in 4HOnline

Not a member of Delaware 4-H but want to sign up for a summer camp or other event? Watch this video to learn how to create a Participant Profile. Once a Participant Profile is created watch this…

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Delaware Winter Freight Meeting 2022

The annual Delaware Winter Freight Meeting brings together regional freight, goods movement, and economic development stakeholders to enhance awareness of major freight planning programs and…

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Javascript as a language

Javascript has 3 identities: a sub-par scripting language (Today's lecture), the primary language of websites (next lecture), and as one of many options as a server-side language (sometime next…

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Jamel Hicks: Black Women, Family, and Infertility

Infertility affects an estimated 12% of women in the United States. Black women experience infertility at higher rates and tend to wait longer to seek treatment. Black women are a population whose…

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Basic REACT and web components

Nov 17 2021

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SMSP Fall 2021 Colloquia Speaker Series - Dr. Sathya Gopalakrishnan

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Regional Brain Viscoelastic Shear Stiffness Changes Throughout Maturation using MR Elastography, Grace McIlvain

Magnetic resonance elastography (MRE) is a technique capable of creating sensitive maps of brain viscoelastic mechanical properties, which can be used as markers of brain microstructural health and…

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Advancing the call for gender-responsive recovery housing: A data-driven discussion of treatment challenges facing women in Delaware, USA sober living homes , Ginnie Sawyer-Morris

Background Substance-free recovery housing has emerged as a promising long-term treatment modality for substance use disorder; and while gender has proven an important predictive factor in other…

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Bilingual parent-child shared book reading mediates the impact of socioeconomic status on children’s emergent literacy, Ye Shen

In the current study, I examined the benefits of bilingual parent-child shared book reading by investigating (1) its influence on bilingual children’s emergent literacy and (2) its mediating or…

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Meg Grotti Introduction

An introduction to Meg Grotti, Assistant Head of Instructional Services at the University of Delaware Library, Museums and Press and Liaison Librarian to the School of Education and the Department of…

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Graduate Internship Program Orientation-20190222

Graduate Internship Program Orientation Delivered February 22, 2019 Facilitated by Sarah Baker Andrus

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Image of Coach, Dr. Matt Robinson

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UD Capture Recording

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UD Capture Recording

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UD Capture Recording

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