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BUAD 110 Alumni Videos Hannah Rosner - Junior Account Manager

Graduation Year: 2020 Majors: Marketing and Operations Management Minor: Advertising Current Employer: Healthcare Consultancy Group Current Position: Junior Account Manager

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Buad 110 Alumni Videos Ashley Rapp - Manager

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Strong clinical content knowledge sets MMS alumna up for med school

Cristina Padovani attributes her career success to the strong clinical content knowledge she gained in the UD Medical and Molecular Sciences (MMS) program. She learns by doing and thrived during her…

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That's Interesting: Behind the Scenes with YoUDee

Have you ever been curious to learn the ins and outs behind the workings of UD? Join Employee Health and Wellbeing for That’s Interesting: Behind the Scenes with the YoUDee Mascot Team…

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3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Summer

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A Message from the Director of the Honors Program

Director of the Honors Program, Michael Chajes, welcomes you as an admitted student to the Honors Program.

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