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KMB Guide for researchers.mp4

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Introduction to knowledge mobilization

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Social Media and Misleading Information in a Democracy: A Mechanism Design Approach, Aditya Dave

In the last few years, political commentators have highlighted that we live in a post-truth era, wherein the deluge of information available on the internet has made it extremely difficult to…

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Data Science Community Hour (March 25th, 2021): Dr. Santana from Twitch and Natural Language Data Processing

Industry guest Dr. Eder Santana from Twitch Natural language processing (NLP) themed week.…

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Introduction to UNIX Shell On Caviness Day 1

Day 1 Topics:What is the Caviness Cluster and why should you use it: What is the Caviness Cluster and who can use it? What can I expect to learn from this course? Connecting to the Caviness Cluser: …

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Paige Morgan Introduction

Paige Morgan Introduction

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Zoom security settings

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Andy Novocin's Personal Meeting Room

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UD Capture in Canvas: Analytics

Looking to find viewing statistics for videos in your Canvas course? In this video, you will see how to use the analytics for your videos.

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