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Artist Talk - Bobby Silas - April 28, 2022

Artist Talk - Bobby Silas, April 2022

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Pre-Raphaelite Fellows'Talk - November 2021

Pre-Raphaelite Fellows'Talk - November 2021

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KCTO: Level F21 Unlocked: Using your online teaching exp to level up your on campus teaching

Facilitated by Erin Sicuranza, Manager, Academic Support in IT Academic Technology Services & Jessica Schroeder, IT-ATS As many return to face-to-face instruction this fall, what happens to…

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Finite-Rank Perturbation Theory and Applications, Michael Bush

Perturbation theory deals with tracking how the properties of a mathematical object evolve as input parameters are varied. The main usage of the tools of perturbation theory in application is to…

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Effects of Repetitive Head Impact Exposure on Circulating Extracellular Vesicles, Eric Munoz (2C)

Considering the potential cumulative effects of repetitive head impact exposure, we need sensitive biomarkers to track short- and long-term neurological consequences in athletes that are at increased…

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TEDx - Connectivity

TEDx - Connectivity.

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"Whistler's Afterlives: J.M. Whistler's Lasting Cultural Legacy" with Margaret Stetz on Sept. 9, 2020

Like his contemporary and “frenemy” Oscar Wilde, artist J.M. Whistler has left a lasting cultural legacy that has spread in many unexpected directions. He haunts 20th- and 21st-century…

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21J Australia HLTH Internship Micro

Learn about the Summer 2021 Health micro internship program in Australia from UD Faculty Director Dr. Amy Hagstrom.

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