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Artist’s Talk: James Phillips - February 9, 2023

About this EventArtist James Phillips will speak about how he uses color and iconography to engage African American textile aesthetics in his painting and printmaking. His print, Untitled II, is…

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Artist Talk - Bobby Silas - April 28, 2022

Artist Talk - Bobby Silas, April 2022

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Pre-Raphaelite Fellows'Talk - November 2021

Pre-Raphaelite Fellows'Talk - November 2021

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BUAD 110 Alumni Videos Robert Thomson - Business Development

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Finite-Rank Perturbation Theory and Applications, Michael Bush

Perturbation theory deals with tracking how the properties of a mathematical object evolve as input parameters are varied. The main usage of the tools of perturbation theory in application is to…

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Effects of Repetitive Head Impact Exposure on Circulating Extracellular Vesicles, Eric Munoz (2C)

Considering the potential cumulative effects of repetitive head impact exposure, we need sensitive biomarkers to track short- and long-term neurological consequences in athletes that are at increased…

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TEDx - Connectivity

TEDx - Connectivity.

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"Whistler's Afterlives: J.M. Whistler's Lasting Cultural Legacy" with Margaret Stetz on Sept. 9, 2020

Like his contemporary and “frenemy” Oscar Wilde, artist J.M. Whistler has left a lasting cultural legacy that has spread in many unexpected directions. He haunts 20th- and…

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21J Australia HLTH Internship Micro

Learn about the Summer 2021 Health micro internship program in Australia from UD Faculty Director Dr. Amy Hagstrom.

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