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UD alumnus finds tremendous value in Med Lab Science degree

UD College of Health Sciences alumnus Nyle Smith chose to major in Medical Laboratory Science to set up him for a great career in healthcare. Learn more:

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Social Media and Misleading Information in a Democracy: A Mechanism Design Approach, Aditya Dave

In the last few years, political commentators have highlighted that we live in a post-truth era, wherein the deluge of information available on the internet has made it extremely difficult to…

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Resource Optimization Toolkit

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V.3 Steps and impulses at 2nd order

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III.4 Laplace transform

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III.3 Impulse response

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III.1-2 Step forcing

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II.6 Variation of parameters

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I.13 Eigenvalues

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Technology Request Overview

A quick overview using the Technology Request form and how to view, manage, and update your tickets.

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Competing species III (phase portrait)

We combine the information obtained in parts I and II to draw the phase portrait.

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Microteaching Lesson: Emma Megan Andie

Multiplying polynomials

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IT Project Portfolio Managers Meeting - Technology Request Process - November 12, 2020

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Transfer Presentation — University of Delaware

Associate Director for Recruitment and Selection, Sara Leininger, walks through the application and admission process for students interested in transferring to the University of Delaware.

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Andy Novocin's Personal Meeting Room

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Math 305 2020/04/02

Portion of the zoom meeting before breakout rooms started.

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