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NSO SLATE Form Refresher

Zoom Recording ID: 96573794125 UUID: 6yw7JJBnQOeRFmo7wi6XeQ== Meeting Time: 2022-06-14 04:37:28pm

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NSO 2022 Registration Plans

Session for staff and advisors about NSO 2022 Registration

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NSO Slate form Presentation & Demo

This video shows the NSO Advisement Worksheet and NSO data in SLATE.

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4 Things You Should Know Before Registration

In this video we will cover: What is and where is your registration time What is a What-If report What is and how to access your Degree Audit What are the College of Arts and Sciences breadth…

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WECEC Monthly Meeting

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Major in Landscape Architecture at the University of Delaware

Landscape architecture is environmental problem-solving. In this interdisciplinary major, University of Delaware students address environmental, natural resource and sustainability challenges at…

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Registration Troubleshooting 1: BISC/CHEM co-requisite, Math, and Foreign Language Issues

In this video we will cover: Common troubleshooting tips you can use when registering for BISC and CHEM together, Math, or Foreign Language. IN ADDITION: One easy way to make sure that BISC and…

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Blue Hen Planner Tutorial

In this video we will cover: How to create and organize possible schedules using the Blue Hen Planner tool. Note: Please format the video so that Em's shared screen is larger. You can do this by…

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How to Bookmark the Recreation Portal on Mobile Devices

Learn how to bookmark the Recreation Portal onto your mobile device for easier access to register for your favorite Employee Health and Wellbeing Fitness Classes and Wellbeing…

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Virtual Fitness Class Registration Process

Learn how to sign up for a virtual fitness class with Employee Health and Wellbeing by following this step by step tutorial. Please visit to register. If you have any…

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1. iClicker with Canvas. Add student registration tool to Canvas

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