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SMSP Fall 2021 Colloquia Speaker Series - Dr. Donna M. Bilkovic

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Advancing the call for gender-responsive recovery housing: A data-driven discussion of treatment challenges facing women in Delaware, USA sober living homes , Ginnie Sawyer-Morris

Background Substance-free recovery housing has emerged as a promising long-term treatment modality for substance use disorder; and while gender has proven an important predictive factor in other…

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Microteaching Lesson: Tyler A Rosemarie Kenz

Characteristics of Life

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Sustainability Series: Living Sustainably

Develop a broader understanding of how the choices we make to care for our planet are also steps to care for ourselves by participating in our first workshop to our Sustainable Wellbeing Series:…

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UD Capture Recording

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UD Capture Recording

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UD Capture Recording

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