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The Honorable J. Travis Laster, Vice Chancellor of the Delaware Court of Chancery, 2021 John L. Weinberg Distinguished Speaker - 5/12/2021

The John L. Weinberg Distinguished Speaker series was begun by the Center as part of the Center’s initiative to highlight a prominent speaker who focuses on current and relevant corporate…

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Investigating the Effect of Resource Rents on Corruption: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa, Sunday Heagbetus

This research investigates whether the availability of natural resources rents can lead to corruption in resource-rich countries. The study used a panel data analysis for the sample of 26 countries…

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Weinberg Center Corporate Governance Roundtable 3/23/2021

In the Roundtable portion of the Symposium, the participants will discuss 2021’s most challenging governance and ESG issues. These topics include board effectiveness, diversity and inclusion,…

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Choices: Episode 6 - All About Graduate School

In this episode of Choices, we discuss all things grad school. We go over the different types of graduate schools (including medical, law, business, education, etc.), choosing a program, and what is…

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What Can You Do With an Economics Degree?

Our panelists have moved on to successful careers in business, law, research, and the non-profit world. Some have also either finished or are making plans to start professional degree programs.…

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Peace Talk - Lindsay Naylor and Michael Fakhri

2020 Peace Presentation

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Choices: Episode 2 - PathwayU Case Studies

In this episode of Choices, Tyler and Sylvia discuss case studies that utilize PathwayU results as well as other career/major decision-making tools and share real life examples.

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