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KCTO: Accessible Course Content . . . What, Why, and How

Facilitated by Nancy O'Laughlin (IT-ATS), Cyndi Yurkovich (DSS), Jaclyn Schwarz (faculty) One thing that became more noticeable this past year was the need for accessible content for the online…

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Roger Wang Seminar

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Astronomy seminar - Willow Fortino

Talk title: Reducing Ground-Based Astrometric Errors with Gaia and Gaussian Processes

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DNN architectures and Autoencoders

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Neural Networks in practice

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Neural Networks 101 - deepdream

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PDFigCapX and FigSplit - a Pipeline for Extracting Figures, SubFigures and Captions from Scientific Publications, Pengyuan Li

Figures and captions convey essential information in scientific publications. As such, there is a growing interest in storing, browsing and mining published figures as a source of knowledge. Notably,…

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Recovery of phosphorus from agricultural wastes and synthesis into hydroxyapatite nanoparticles, Gulcin Unal Tosun

Loss of phosphorus (P) from agricultural soils has an adverse impact on the ecosystem which have catalyzed renewed calls on resource recovery as well as to use of slow-release P fertilizers. In this…

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Data Science Community Hour (April 8, 2021)

Interview with Dr. Chalasani from Spotify. Followed by Gongbo Zhang's and Pengyuan Li's presentations on biomedical literature text mining for drug-drug interactions and figure extraction…

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unsupervised learning - whitening

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model selection, distances

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Data Science Community Hour (March 18th, 2021): Adversarial Machine Learning, Dr. Michael De Lucia,

“Introduction to Adversarial Machine Learning” - Michael De Lucia, Army Research Lab (ARL)We will introduce the concept of adversarial machine learning, a technique where carefully…

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Intro to Poll Everywhere

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2020 Nobel Symposium Part 2

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Business Analytics Major Info Session

With the rapid advances in information technologies, the volume of data that are generated has tremendously increased in recent years. The data come from everywhere: online transactions, mobile…

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