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Adjusting Tempo and Pitch in Garageband

By Ellie Parcells, Education Resource Center and Student Multimedia Design Center Recording your own music can prove to be a viable and creative option if you want to add unique intro tunes or…

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Adding Music to Podcasts in Audacity

Say you’ve started your own podcast using the program Audacity and would like to give it more pizzazz so it will stand out from the crowd. What can you do? Well, adding music is a great place…

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Recording Podcasts with Audacity: Properly Recording Your Voice: Part 1 of 2

The thought of recording a podcast for the first time can be daunting. You may find yourself overwhelmed by considerations like what type of microphone to use, where and how to record your voice, or…

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Virtual Campus Tour With UD Undergrad Nick Woo

Experience the typical day of a UD Lerner student as shown by Blue Hen recent grad Nick Woo, UD Lerner Class of 2020, during this campus tour from November 2020. Woo’s tour includes a visit to…

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Intro to Labster

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Library Integrations with Canvas

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Structural Racism as a Fundamental Cause of Health Inequities in Delaware

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Quick Review: Using Databases for English 110 Research (Short Version)

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Import orientation module

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Starting a Zoom class

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Lerner Blue Hen Stories — Nick Woo

Learn more about Lerner College with current student Nick Woo.

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Introduction to Education Resources

Provides an overview of the key resources for education scholars that are available through the library.

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Finding Databases

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