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Choices: Episode 11 - Interview with Neuroscience Lab Manager Sarah Paige

Sarah Paige Werner talks with us about her work with the Neuroscience lab at UD, her career journey that began in a harp ensemble, teaching abroad in Japan, and more.

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Choices: Episode 9 - Interview with Academic Advisors from the College of Arts and Sciences

In this episode we talk to Em Rowe and David Best, who are both academic advisors in the College of Arts and Sciences. We talk about their roles, their career journeys, majors within CAS, the value…

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Choices: Episode 6 - All About Graduate School

In this episode of Choices, we discuss all things grad school. We go over the different types of graduate schools (including medical, law, business, education, etc.), choosing a program, and what is…

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Choices: Episode 5 - Interview with UST Advisor Sharon Grayson

Get to know more about one of the academic advisors in UST: Ms. Grayson. We talked with her about her major and career journey and all the decisions involved along the way. We also asked a couple of…

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Mechanical Engineering Virtual Tour — College of Engineering

Take a tour of our mechanical engineering facilities with some current students in the College of Engineering.

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