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handling acrylic paint and gloss medium

This video attempts to show how Golden Fluid Acrylics can be manipulated for painting onto plaster (and similar) substrates. Mixing with gloss medium such as Primal WS-24, an acrylic dispersion, can…

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ceramics: finishing a plaster fill with acrylic spackle

This video shows how to apply and finish a thin layer of Flügger Acrylic Spackle to a roughened plaster surface. The acrylic spackle layer provides a burnish-able surface and a smoother…

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ceramics: detachable plaster fill

This video takes you through the step-by-step process of creating a detachable plaster fill for the missing corner of a ceramic tile. Steps include: setting up the mold; protecting the break edge; …

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ceramic assembly - dry-fitting pieces

Determining order of assembly.

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ceramic assembly - with adhesive

Preparing break edges, applying adhesive, and securing joins.

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