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2023 College of Arts and Sciences_Social Sciences

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2023 College of Arts and Sciences_Natural Sciences

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2023 Doctoral Hooding

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2023 Athletics Convocation

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Fifty Years of Title IX: Saluting Women's Sports

Savannah Seemans, member of the University of Delaware's women’s volleyball team, explains how being a female athlete has helped her as a civil engineering major during a recent event…

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2022 College of Engineering Convocation Ceremony

College of Engineering, Class of 2022 Convocation Ceremony

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2022 Student Athlete Graduation Celebration

Student Athlete Graduation Celebration for the Class of 2022Friday, May 27, 2022 Mitchell Hall Auditorium

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Fitness Information Session

The Departments of Employee Health and Wellbeing and Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreation Services are coming together to provide you the most pertinent and updated information regarding updated…

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Lifelong Lerner Webinar Series: The Sports Industry's New Normal

The Lifelong Lerner Webinar Series, hosted by the University of Delaware’s Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics, addresses today’s top business challenges with Lerner…

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2018-2019/videos/Faculty Senate Meeting Oct 8th 2018.mp4

UD Capture Recording

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