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Phil Duker Lightning Talk on Generative AI in the Classroom

Lightning talk for the AI working group April 2024

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AI information and demo sessions May 3, 2024

Dana Veron hosts a series of lightning talks regarding how generative AI is being used in the classroom. Speakers include Matt Kinservik, Xuan Cai, and Ju-a Hwang.

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AI Seminar: Implications of AI on Training the Next Generation of Healthcare Workers and Business Leaders

AI Seminar held May 2, 2024, featuring Amin Alizadeh

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AI seminar series: Pitfalls and Promise: Generative AI, Disability and Access

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AI seminar series: Ethical Considerations

Talk 1: Rethinking Research Ethics in the Age of Generative AIAbstract: This seminar delves into ethical and conceptual issues surrounding Generative AI, particularly Large Language Models (LLMs), in…

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AI seminar series: Large Language Models - Challenges and Opportunities

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KCTO AI Literacy Tools- Managing AI Use in Your Classroom

In this workshop, we will define common AI terminology, learn about developing assignments that promote the ethical use of AI, provide syllabus template language for the purposes of using or not…

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Using UD's centrally-scheduled classroom phones

Did you know that using your classroom's phone is the fastest way to reach the Classroom Support team? Learn how to connect with our classroom technology experts so that tech issues do not…

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22W Hawaii ENTR - micro

Learn about the Winter 2022 Entrepreneurship micro study abroad program in Hawaii from UD Faculty Director Nat Measley.

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BUAD 110 Alumni Video Anthony Fecondo - Advisory Senior Consultant

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2021 Celebration of Scholarship | College of Education and Human Development

Celebration of Scholarship is an annual event hosted by the Office of Development and Alumni Relations (DAR) that celebrates the impact of philanthropy at the University of Delaware and honors…

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Choices: Episode 12 Extra - Meg's Career Story

Here is Meg's career story unedited (it was mostly edited out of the episode to save for time). It's a great story especially for those interested in history, museums, costuming, education,…

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Leveraging Vulnerability for Antiracist Praxis with White Educators, Diane Codding

Whiteness is a pervasive problem in education. Through supporting institutional hierarchies and systemic racism, whiteness limits access to high quality learning experiences for students across the…

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Erika Komp — From AAP to Ed.D.

Erika Komp enrolled in the AAP's Elementary Teacher Education Program in 2014, receiving her associate's degree in 2016. She went on to complete her four-year degree and master's…

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Choices: Episode 8 - Interview with UST Advisor and Assistant Director of OAE Lys Murray

In this episode we talk to Lys about her roles as an Academic Advisor in UST and as the Assistant Director of Office of Academic Enrichment. We also discuss student success, her career journey,…

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UD Center for Secondary Teacher Education

The University of Delaware Center for Secondary Teacher Education highlights innovative teacher education programs across English, math, science, music, history and foreign language disciplines.

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