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Gene Anthony Santiago-Holt: Noise, Performance, and the Digital

This lecture gives insight into personal perspective on online counterculture. During the past year, broadcasting software was used for DJ sets, art shows and elaborate concerts. This creative time…

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Nora Carleson: Nationalism, Eugenics, and the Politics of American Fashion in the Progressive Era

The Progressive Era was a time of social, political, and cultural upheaval. Years of unprecedented immigration and industrialization, the end of Reconstruction and the formation of Jim Crow, growing…

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Erin Fogarty: Conscious Restoration of Historic Formal Garden

When historic landscapes are preserved, often the first course of action is often stabilizing and restoring the built environment, like paths and statuary, with plantings swapped out for less…

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Tory Welsch: Quantum Dot Nanostructures for Photon Upconversion

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A dynamic interbank network with an application to interbank interest rate, Haici Zhang

We propose a Bayesian dynamic interbank network model where three mechanisms control the likelihood of a trade between two banks: (i) a time-series interbank activity index that expresses overall…

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Managing Well: Adding Wellbeing To Your Manager Toolbox

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What I Love About My Major — Accounting

In this video, University of Delaware students majoring in accounting share their favorite things about their major. UD Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics students Kathleen Murphy, Ruben…

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Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics — Why I Chose the University of Delaware

In this video, recent University of Delaware grad Allie Trimble reflects on her experience choosing and attending UD. She also discusses her experience in the financial planning and wealth management…

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Faculty Resilience Series: Opening Panel Discussion

Members of UD's leadership team discuss how they are coping with the current challenges in their lives, resources they use to maintain wellbeing, and how we can overcome this challenge…

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Fall Program Overview

Meet the Employee Health and Wellbeing team and learn about the Fall 2020 Program offerings .

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