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ECE Distinguished Lecture Series: Ayanna Howard, Ph.D.

Understanding and Mitigating Bias and Human Overtrust in Robotics and AI

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ECE Distinguished Lecture Series: Russ Salakhutdinov, Ph.D.

From Differentiable Reasoning to Self-supervised Embodied Active Learning

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The Case for Optimal Flocking in Robotic Systems, Logan Beaver

From the debut of Reynolds's seminal paper on flocking in 1987, flocking has been a topic of great interest to the robotics and controls community. Flocking is the quintessential emergent…

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Motor control of wrist during dynamic perturbations, Andria Farrens

Although many everyday manipulation tasks are performed using the hand and wrist, relatively few studies have focused on the neuromotor control of the wrist, especially during human-robot…

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