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Adjusting Tempo and Pitch in Garageband

By Ellie Parcells, Education Resource Center and Student Multimedia Design Center Recording your own music can prove to be a viable and creative option if you want to add unique intro tunes or…

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Adding Music to Podcasts in Audacity

Say you’ve started your own podcast using the program Audacity and would like to give it more pizzazz so it will stand out from the crowd. What can you do? Well, adding music is a great place…

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Creative Commons Overview

This video provides a brief introduction to copyright, creative commons and fair use. It covers Creative Commons licenses, conditions and attributions.

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Tips for Creating Standout Multimedia Projects

This video covers tips for working with audio and video to help you create a standout project! Topics covered include recording conditions, the basics of editing, using high resolution images,…

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Design Principles

This videos covers four principles of design: proximity, repetition, alignment and contrast. We show you how these principles work in action, so that you can apply them to your own graphic desing…

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Digital Storytelling

This video covers 5 stages of creating a digital story: Plan, Find, Record, Edit and Share. A digital story can be any multimedia project you are creating, including videos, podcasts, PSAs, websites…

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