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Conversations And Connections on September 29th, 2022

Conversations And Connections - Real Estate Discussion in New York City

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BUAD 110 Alumni Videos Emily Williamson - Sales District Leader

Graduation Year: 2020Majors: Marketing and Operations ManagementCurrent Employer: PepsiCurrent Position: Sales District Leader

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Demo Day On August 19th, 2021

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BUAD 110 Alumni Videos Shane Wolff - Financial Analyst

Graduation Year: 2021 Majors: Finance and Financial Planning Minor: Trust Management Current Employer: Deloitte Pensions & Wealth Management Current Position: Financial Analyst

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BUAD 110 Alumni Videos Taylor Nelson - Assistant Vice President - Global Service Innovation

Graduation Year: 2019Major: MarketingMinors: Advertising, Professional Selling and Sales ManagementCurrent Employer: CitiCurrent Position: Assistant Vice President - Global Service Innovation

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BUAD 110 Alumni Videos Kayla Green - Specialist, Client Strategy

Graduation Year: 2018Major: MarketingMinor: AdvertisingCurrent Employer: Publicis MediaCurrent Position: Specialist, Client Strategy

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KMB Guide for researchers.mp4

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22W Paris, France BISC

Learn about the Winter 2022 Biology study abroad program in Paris, France from UD Faculty Director Christopher Trimby.

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Mental Wellbeing Boosters: What’s your ‘Why’? Fostering Resilience With Purpose

Purpose is that goal or set of goals that matter most to you in your life – that really drive you. In the midst of a challenge, you can come back to your purpose and let it fuel you to keep…

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UD alumnus finds tremendous value in Med Lab Science degree

UD College of Health Sciences alumnus Nyle Smith chose to major in Medical Laboratory Science to set up him for a great career in healthcare. Learn more:

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What I Love About My Major — Marketing

In this video, University of Delaware students majoring in marketing share their favorite things about their major. UD Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics students Alayna Hernandez, Megan…

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Effective Connections and Networking

Description: In this highly interactive workshop, participants will be provided with opportunities to learn more about several models and tools as well as an action plan development process…

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Welcome to the Study Abroad & Global Studies Fair

The Institute for Global Studies (IGS) and Center for Global and Area Studies (CGAS) are pleased to present a world of opportunities at the University of Delaware. We invite you to discover the many…

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Exploring Your Research Topic - English 110

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More Grateful Than Ever

Heidi Fleigelman, a junior majoring in English education, shares her thoughts about life during a pandemic. Heidi submitted this message for the Voices of UD project, hosted by UD's Center for…

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Delaware Innovation Fellows

Learn more about our Delaware Innovation Fellow (DIF) program, the structure you can expect during the four years in the program, and some opportunities awaiting you.

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